CloudCube is the powerful management tool for work with your cloud storages. Unique features will allow you to do any work with your storages quickly, simply and easy:
  • Look through files at once several storages at the same time - forget about "two-panel" modes with unique feature "group viewing" which will allow you to work with any number of storages as though this one.
  • Download, modify and upload your files without any delays - application will react to any your actions immediately, no matter if you have internet connection or not
  • Download and upload folders entirely - application will do recursive bypass of folders and will make download/upload of any found files.
  • Synchronize any folders on your device with any folders of storages and vice versa - simply connect two folders and forget about any additional actions. If you don't want to forget – your right, use manual start of process of synchronization.
  • Get full control of any application activity - any action of application will be queued, where you can always remove or suspend it. Also, you can always suspend or resume work of full queue in case of need.
  • Be aware of any problems during the work with storages - at emergence of any problem (for example, the file demands confirmation on rewriting/removal/updating, the storage demands repeated authorization etc.) the application will prompt you to make some choice and you never lose your data.
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